Picnic, Sports or Stadium Seats

There are many uses of these stadium seats. The idea came to me when sitting on hard ground having a picnic, then I thought they would be useful when sitting at a sport ground or a show. But they would make excellent garden kneelers as well.

These seats measure 12 inches (30.5cms) square and are 2 ins (5cms) high.

The fastening is an overlap or envelope opening so there is no uncomfortable bits of fastening to dig in.

Each seat costs (including delivery) £4.00

These can also be bought without the foam insert and will take a 12"x 12"x 2"  (30.5x30.5x5cm) foam cut to size. These fit tightly into the casing with a bit of easing in.

The cost of just the seat cover (including delivery) is £2.00

These are 12 inch (30.5cms) x 2 inch (5cms) round seats and have an overlap fastening.

Each seat costs (including delivery) £4.00

These can be purchased without the foam insert and will take a 12 inch (30.5cms) round foam pad that is 2 inches (5cms thick) easily.

Each seat cover only costs ( including delivery) £2.00

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