Frilled Cushions

Frilled cushions can bring out your feminine touch and they soften the look of your room. You can attach short or fairly long frills and the end result will look great.

The frill makes a simple or basic cushion design appear larger and this can be made to compliment other cushions. These cushions could sit behind smaller or bolster cushions.

The frills can create a cottage or country feel, and is suited to cushions made with flowery material,. These can be made to match or to pick out a colour that is within the fabric.

Different Types of  Frilled Cushions

There are a few different ways that cushions can have frills added.

  • Single - One frill is attached to the cushion. This can match, contrast or be a totally different coloured fabric. This will depend on the look you want to achieve.

  • Double - Two frills are added. One is made wider than the other and this is usually the outer one. These can be made either in the same fabric as the cushion, one could match and one contrast or both made out of a material that compliments the one used on the main body of the cushion. For example this could be a similar coloured check material attached to a floral or striped.

  • Bound - Frills in this case would have a binding on the top edge. The binding would pick out a particular colour that is found in the material.

Lace can be added as a frill and can be used singularly or double as with material frills.

When you decide what size and shape your cushion is going to be, you will then need to work out how much material you will need. This will depend on how many gathers you want in your frill. The material should go around the cushion either twice or three times. The frill should be twice the width needed as this can be folded in half.

A zip fastening could be sewn into the seam. Another way to sew in the fastening would to be put it in the middle of the cushion back. Alternatively the cushion could be closed using no fastenings at all and just slip stitched closed.

Choosing the correct type of fastening is a personal choice and I hope you are pleased with the end result of your cushion.

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