a delicate touch for a cushion fastening.

Ribbons are another way of closing the cushion casing over the inner pad. These can be a delicate touch when used with finer fabrics such as lace, satin or silk and for those cushions that do not get a lot of wear.

These can be placed down one side of the cushion or used on all sides, to highlight the bow effect this type of fastening can bring.

A loop can be put on one side of the cushion cover to allow the longer strips to be tied through.

The fastenings can be tied tightly to keep the cushion pad in place and not seen.

An alternative to this is to have an under cover on the cushion pad that matches or mixes in with the top cover, the fastenings are then loosely tied over the plumper cushion to show the under cover between the fastenings. This is especially effective if the under cover was made from a delicate fabric, such as a brightly coloured organza, then stronger outer covering would then protect the delicate cover underneath.

An alternative look would be for the opening shown on the front or back of the cushion such as with the bolster design or the heart shape

This would then make the fastening into a decorative look as well. A length of the ribbons can be fastened to either side of the opening this can be done by machine or by hand.

Covers that use this kind of fastening can be closed tightly.

Types of Ribbon

Modern machines have made the making of this fastening quite complex. They come in a large variety of:

widths - from the really fine delicate to the very wide and sometimes chunky looking.

colours - nearly every colour of the rainbow, that will either compliment or contrast your material.

textures - they can be made from satin, velvet, polyester, nylon or metallic. The surface can have a ridged effect.

and prints - from stripes, spots, tartans to floral and animal prints.....to more geometrical designs.

....all to compliment or match the cover. However you choose to decorate your cushions, you will agree that there is such a lot to choose from.

Many shopping outlets have a large selection of these and there are some really beautiful ones. These shops specialise in having all you need for your crafts.

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