Sail Boat Patchwork

The Sail Boat patchwork is another traditional design and can be used on its own for cushion covers or with others, such as the Ohio Star and the Log Cabin patchwork designs, to make a quilt.

This design looks also really good on its own as a wall hanging.

This design uses four different fabrics one for the sky, one for the sails, one for the sea and one for the boat.It is made up of rectangles and triangles.

These fabric can be plain or patterned. Sometimes the pattern enhances the picture.  In the picture above the swirls in the pattern gives the effect of the sea.

There are many shopping outlets that have lovely fabric that would really suit patchwork. Such as Minerva Crafts.

Try to cut your patchwork pieces as accurately as possible to ensure the block fits together well.

Fabric preparation for Sail Boat Patchwork

Sky Fabric - Cut a rectangle 12 1/2 x 2in (31.5 x 5.25cms). Two more rectangles are needed from this fabric both 6 1/2 x 3 1/2ins (16.5 x 9cms). Also needed are two squares both 3 7/8in (10cms). Cut these squares diagonally in half.
Sail Fabric - Two squares the same size as the ones for the sky are needed for these. Also cut these squares diagonally in half.
Sea Fabric - Cut a rectangle the same size as the longer one for the sky. Also cut one square the same size as the ones for the sky, cut this square diagonally in half.
Boat Fabric - Cut a rectangle,the same size as the shorter ones for the sky, and a square the same size as the ones for the sky. Cut the square diagonally in half.

Sewing the sails

Take a triangle from the sky and sail fabric, place them right sides together and sew diagonally. This will make four squares. Press these squares and trim off any bits that stick out.

Sew two of these squares together so that the sails are facing the same way. Then sew the rows of two squares together right sides facing. Press seam.

Sewing the sky

Take the smaller rectangles and sew either side of the sail section. Press seam.

Take the longer section of sky fabric and place right sides together at top edge over the other sky rectangles and sail pieces. Press seam.

Sewing the boat

Take one sea triangle and one boat triangle place right sides together, sew diagonally and press seam. Make another square to match for the other side of the boat.

Take the boat rectangle and sew the squares to either side making sure the sea triangle is at the outer corner of the square. Sew and press seam.

Sewing the sea

With right sides together sew the longer rectangle of sea fabric to the bottom of the boat fabric. Press seam.

Finishing the patchwork block

The block should now be in two halves. One being the sky and the sails and the other the sea and the boat.

With right sides together and making sure the seams match sew the sky half onto the boat half. Press seam.

The sail boat patchwork block is now finished. A border may need to be sewn around the edge if this is intended as a cushion cover or wall hanging on its own.

This patchwork block could also be useful in decorating the front of a bag.

However you use your patchwork block I hope you have enjoyed making it.

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