Create your own Wall hangings

Sewing is really versatile from making things to wear, to use and also wall hangings will make amazing pictures to hang up in your room.

These pictures could be made from scratch, like an artist with a bare canvas, waiting for a scene to emerge. Applique is one technique where you can create a picture using different colours and textures of materials to make the image come to life so to speak. A different look to a picture would be to try a little reverse appliqué, this is where the picture is sewn through a lot of layers of material and then cut out to get to the colour needed. This gives a look of depth to the overall result.

Another way of combining material together to get a picture is patchwork. Pieces of patchwork shapes can be sewn together and then attached onto a background piece or some patchwork blocks such as the sail boat block is almost a picture in itself. The log cabin block could also be used to show the colours you like to ones to match your room.

If you are not confident with making a picture from the beginning another way is to use a cushion panel picture whether it is to display animals or birds that you like or maybe the panel will really match in with your colour scheme.

These would be made like a cheater square when making a quillow. Different aspect of the picture panel could then be quilted with as much or as little as you want. Sometimes when a panel is quilted the effect is really astounding as this sometimes gives the illusion of a 3D effect.

However you decide to make your picture, the result is bound to look great.

Why not let us all see your creation by putting it in the cushion gallery.

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