Tie Fastenings

Tie Fastenings, like ribbons, can be used to close a cushion cover or attach a flat (or squab) cushion to a wooden chair.

These can be made to match cushion material or compliment the material by highlighting a particular colour within it.

Making Tie Fastenings

Decide on the width and length of the tie.
(The width will be halved by folding the tie as you sew it. Also remember you will have to be able to make it into a bow so allow plenty of length without the tie looking too big.)

Make a pattern for the ties in your desired width and length adding about 1.5 cms or 5/8 inch for the seam allowance. Place onto the material and cut out the number required.

Fold right sides together and stitch down the length of the tie either by machine or hand and then across one end. Secure the threads at the end.

(An alternative way to sew the tie is to sew across one end continuing down the straight edge, leaving a gap to turn to the right side and then finishing the staight edge continuing to the other end)

Turn the tie right side out.
(This may be a little fiddly and using a pin or needle to pull the seam through may help.)

One way to turn these thin strips through to the right side is to thread a long needle with strong thread, secure to the sewn end and push the needle so it is between the pieces of material.

I have found a couple of loop turners from Amazon that can make the turning easier

Continue working the needle between the material until it comes out of the open end of the tie. You may have to gather the tie to allow the needle through.

Then carefully by continuing pulling the needle and thread the tie should begin to pull through itself. Eventually emerging at the open end of the tie.

Sew the open end or middle of tie closed either by machine top stitching or hand slip stitching.

The ties are then attached to the opening, one on each side. If they are fairly long and used to attach a cushion to a chair then fold in half and stitched on the cushion at the halfway point to enable the ends to be tied around the back of the chair

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