Squab Cushions

Squab cushions are use to give a softer feel to traditional chairs for the kitchen, dining room or outside.

They are removable so can be taken to outdoors and used on park benches or as a stadium seat cushion when visiting sporting events. The stadium seat cushions tend to have a deeper foam block to give better comfort.

These cushions are usually made to fit the shape of the seat and are fastened to the chair with tie fastenings or Velcro strips.

Larger fastenings can be used such as ribbons or bows if you want an elaborate look.

The chairs that the cushions are for are made from wood or plastic and these fastenings will stop the cushion from falling off.

These cushions are made fairly thin and can sometimes have a gusset which is between 1 inch (2.5 cms) and 1 1/2 inches (4 cms) wide.

Hard chairs can be found in any room and these cushions can give a splash of colour to highlight one already in the room or to bring a room up to date.

Making a Squab Cushion 

Fabrics to use

Cotton and cotton mixes are always the best material to use.

This is because this material is washable, comes in many colours and patterns and is hard wearing.

Delicate fabrics can be used if the chair is more decorative than for using.


A piece of foam would be the best filling as this can also be cut to the shape of the chair seat. Also no inner pad would be needed.

You can order some custom cut foam from GB Foam Direct  and they offer next working day delivery.

Choice of Fastenings

I mentioned above that the cushion would need to be attached to the chair.

The fastening used on the actual cushion would be either a zip or Velcro place in the centre of the back panel or at the back of the cushion.

If you didn't want to put a filling in place then the opening could be slip stitched closed.

This would then mean when the cushion was washed, the whole cushion would have to be done.

Steps to sewing one without a gusset or fastening.

Take some paper (tracing, squared or any of your preference) and place on the seat of the chair. Trace around the base marking the position of where the tie fastening will go. Add the seam allowance to the pattern at this stage so it isn't forgotten when the fabric is cut.

Place the pattern onto the fabric and cut out a front and back piece. Mark the fabric where the ties are to be placed.

Attach tie fastenings, ribbons or bias binding to the marks already made

Place right sides of the front and back pieces of fabric together making sure all ties are in the middle. Sew around the edges. Turn right side out.

Place the pattern on the cushion foam piece, cut out and insert inside the cushion. Slip stitch the opening closed

These are the steps in making a basic squab cushion. Enjoy adding them to your indoor or outdoor chairs.

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