Alternative Cushion Fronts

Different ideas for Quillow or cushion panels.

There are alternative cushion fronts that can be made for the front of a quillow or cushion. Not everyone is a fan of cushions that have a picture panel on the front even though there seems to be something for every occasion.

The fronts of quillows are usually quilted to make some of the picture stand out. More importantly the quilting stitches also attaches the wadding between the front and back of the front panel making it secure so it will not ruffle up when being used or washed.

Alternative Cushion Fronts for Quillows

An alternative version would have to have some type of decoration that could serve this purpose as well such as ribbonspatchwork, or appliqué.

The patchwork could be done in a basic design with some of the outer and inner fabric shown on the front.

It is important that a row of stitching covers most areas of the cushion front so large areas are left without being anchored.

The patchwork could be then stitched along the seam lines. The ribbon and appliqué would be applied when the front is complete.

The ribbons shown on the quillow above are sewn to hold the wadding in place. I wasn't too sure of the intended colour scheme when I made this one, so a neutral colour was used. The people had moved to Australia and I wanted to incorporate that theme on the inside by using a print that had kangaroos, boomerang and other native Australian items on it.

There are a lot of outlets that have just the right fabric for any theme. Such as Minerva Crafts and if searching further see the Amazon link on my shopping page.

Another way to design the front would be to alternate the fabrics used for the main and inside cover. On this one the main cover was black and the inside was cream and black flower print. The strips could be sewn either diagonally, horizontally or vertical to give variation.  Then sew along the seam to attach it to the fabric pieces to strengthen the front.

Another type would be if you liked the material used on the inside then this can be shown a preview on the front.

Although this has no seams to stitch along to secure the wadding, I did some stitching around some of the poppy heads and stalks all over the front.

There are many ways to make a quillow front to suit your colour schemes.

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