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Why not have your say in helping me to build an informative site all about cushions. From the very beginning in making patterns yourselves, deciding the shape you want, the type of fabric to use, what filling is best and getting the right fastening, down to decorating the finished item.

Over time this site could be the so called one stop shop for those wanting to sew some soft furnishings. There are some shopping outlets in order to get all the item you need and some finished items that are the result of sewing to take the pictures. If you like an item that I have made and would like it in a different colour then please contact me.

I have been asked to make some items or search for some products, one customer was really surprised to find so much information on cushions, another wanted a cushion pad with dimensions not found in shops. If you would like to say thanks for something I have made, may I thank you.

Please do not use this form for a general enquiry use contact me instead so I am able to contact you.

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The theme I am trying to keep are all the topics related to cushions and related items, such as curtains, and not go off on a tangent into, for example, embroidery or upholstery as these could be sites in themselves.

This may be the reason if you think a page has not been covered fully.

I may even try to stretch the cushion(ed) theme further with a little imagination.  If you think about it quite a lot of other items could be "cushioned" in a way with a little extra padding.

Your pages could be added if you have made an item you would like to showcase in the cushion gallery.

Some visitors have already posted questions on my Cushion Query  section on the How to page.

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There may be a little delay in putting the pictures onto a page as I tend to take them as I am making the item so depends on how often and fast my sewing takes place. When I have started a page I will try to give the finished look as soon as I can.


  • Do you like everything so far?
  • Have you found a different way of doing something I have already described?

I would love to hear what you have to say, hopefully others will join in to give their views as well.

Please complete the form below to get going and thank you for doing so.

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Please take care with any soft furnishing that it does not come into contact with any heat source. 

If you have found an error on this page or want some more information on sewing cushions.

Please contact me . Thank you

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