Comfy Pillows

Pillows enhance your sleep although some people prefer not to use them, these can be made but the majority prefer to buy them. This is best if they need a particular type, such as memory foam, but as a lot of time is spent getting a good night sleep then I would always buy mine.

This can be a different word for cushions that can be made to give additional comfort while sitting in chairs. These all begin with making a inner case or pad and consideration will be needed towards the type of fabric these are to be made out of.

This will depend of the type of filling as down and feathers will need special ticking material to stop the feathers coming through. Whereas polyester fibre would need a strong cotton.

Elsewhere in the bedroom you can place other types of cushions such as smaller decorative ones that are placed on the bed, a chair or if your room is large enough have a beanbag on the floor.

Old type houses may have a recessed window where a boxed window seat could be made with scatter cushions on the top.

All aspects of bed linen can be made such as sheets either with a valence or without, duvet covers and quilted bedspreads.

Pillow Basics

The average size of this type of cushion is approximately 19 x 29 inches (48 x 74cms). The cases can be made to enhance or match an existing duvet set. They can be plain and these are usually called housewife cases. They can also be tailored with a flange, otherwise known as an Oxford case. Both can be made more elaborate by having scalloped or frilled edges.

Making a case is one of the easiest to do and can be done by someone who is just learning to sew. one of the advantages to beginning with a case is that it does not have any zips to be put in.

Bolsters were used on beds in earlier days and these usually stretched the whole width of the bed. They were usually made a bit firmer and had a flatter look than bolsters used as scatter cushions. Then softer ones were then placed on top of the bolsters.

Different shapes can also be used in the bedroom, such as one used as a back rest. These give added support while sitting up in bed. Also sometimes while trying to sleep it can be good to support your leg or back with an extra pillow.

Remember to wash these every six months to get rid of any debris and keep them fresh. 

Good night and sweet dreams....

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