A Rectangle Cushion

Thinking of sewing cushions? Most of us imagine a soft square one but cushions can be made in many different shapes from the easier square ones to the slightly more difficult heart shaped ones.  Let your imagination inspire you as cushions can be made in any shape you can imagine.

Triangular, Circular , Rectangular, Hexagonal or star shaped. They can also be called different names for example  bolster cushions or pillows are circular but also elongated.

Elongated or stretched cushions can fit in different places like in the back of a chair, at the side arm or even at the bottom of a door but this one is usually called a draught excluder.

Making the rectangle pattern.

Making your own patterns can be straightforward although some shapes are harder than others. A rectangle can be easily drawn by having two longer sides and two shorter sides with the longer sides at the top and bottom.

Usually the top and bottom side of the rectangle are the same length and the right and left hand side of the rectangle are the same length but shorter that the top and bottom sides.

The easiest way to get a paper pattern would be to take a page of newspaper and fold it in half and you have a rectangle.

Points to remember when sewing cushions.

  • When making your rectangular cushions you will need to measure the gap they will fit into. 
  • Don't forget to add the seam allowance and this can be as wide or narrow as you would like although the normal width is 5/8 inch (1.5cms).
  • Think about how they will be used as this could affect the type of filling you use. If you want them to mould to fit into your body then you may consider using polystyrene beads .
  • Decide what fastening you will be using as with some you may need to increase the seam allowance so it can be sewn in place like Velcro for example as the width on this is defined. The position of the fastening needs some consideration as well, a centre back seam may be the best place to put the fastening if the cushion is round or has a frill.

Making a simple rectangular cushion.

  • Decide on the size of your cushion and get pattern ready (if using one).
  • Prepare your fabric and place right sides together.
  • Place pattern on fabric, pin and cut out.
  • Leaving gap for the fastening sew the seams together. Press
  • Insert fastening, if you are using one.
  • Turn right side out.
  • If you have made a cushion cover - insert the pad. If  no fastening has been used, stuff the cushion and close gap either by hand or machine.

You have just made a rectangular cushion that can be placed anywhere. These shapes can also be used on outside furniture especially if the chair has got a straight back.

Whatever shape you make your cushions enjoy your sewing.

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