Square Cushions

Square cushions are probably the most popular design that can be bought. Other names for this design are knife edged and basic.

This basic cover does not have any extra frills, seams or trimmings of any kind and can be used to quickly brighten up a chair, bed or settee.

There is so many different types of lovely fabrics and these can be bought to

  • enhance the existing colour scheme,
  • pick out a certain colour you would not necessarily have as the main colour scheme but within the whole room scheme
  • bring your room quickly up to date.

This type of soft furnishing can be bought from many on line and high street retailers. Terrys fabrics have a lovely range of cushion is many different colours, textures and patterns.

They also have very individual ones that show floral design and ones with animal and birds on them. 

This cushion is also known as the knife edge because when pressed with an iron the flattened seam is sharp looking like the edge of a knife and this is the same for the corners.

This shape, as with all the different shapes, can be a complete cushion in itself. That is the filling is placed directly between the front and back panel. There is also no fastening.

This would mean that the whole cushion will need to be washed when having it cleaned.

This can also be used as a cover only that would be placed on a inner pad of the same shape.

The inner pad which is usually a plain fabric then becomes the complete cushion and the cover which is made of a more decorative fabric can be removed when it needs cleaning.

Turning square cushions into other designs.

This shape can be turned into other designs by the addition of a few extra fabric pieces.

A box edged cushion has the addition of a gusset or an extra width of fabric between the front and back panel. This style is usually used on outdoor patio furniture and benches. The filling is a more sturdy foam block.

This shape can be made into frilled cushions with the addition of extra gathered fabric sewn flat and in between the front and back panel.

Embellishing with finishing touches

When buying a plain cushion, your creative flair could turn it into a very personal one for you.

This is where your imagination can go wild with the addition of coloured stitches, many different coloured and sizes of buttons. Extra ribbon or lace can make this very different.

The top stitching could be sewn in a different colour or to match a colour already in the cushion material. 

Whether you decide to embellish your square cushions or not, I hope you have found ones you like.

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