Press Studs

Press studs are another way of fastening cushion covers.

These are also known as snap-fasteners or poppers and were first patented by Heribert Bauer.

He was a German inventor and used these as a new fastening for mens trousers. He used a S shaped spring on the top disc instead of a grove.

Different kinds of press studs

Individual Studs

This type of fastening can be bought individually and in various sizes from quite small to the very large.

These can be used in place of buttons  Velcro or zips and  can be sewn within the seam or made part of the cushion decoration.

These can also be use to attach a decoration that may need to be removed when cleaned like a embroidered motif or a removable decoration such as a toy on a child's cushion.

When sewing on the individual ones it is best to do this by hand sewing.

A Strip of Studs

Another way to buy them is on a canvas or material strip although it is quite difficult to locate in shopping outlets.

This is used just like a zip, either hiding it in side seam or a seam at the back of the cushion. If a canvas strip is used then like Velcro the opening side of the cushion needs to be made a little wider to allow for the pre-set width.This kind of fastening can be sewn in by hand but it usually machine sewn. The way to insert a strip is done like a zip.

This fastening, like Velcro, also comes in two halves one side has a stud and the other side has a hole and are usually made from metal but plastic ones can be bought as well for more delicate fabric. These can be pressed to fit together until they are pulled apart.

These fastenings are especially good on children's clothes as they are easily used.

Clasp Poppers

Another type of this fastener does not need sewing and the two halves fit together by metal clasps. To fit these, special pliers are needed which hold both halves ready to be put onto the fabric and will not be able to be removed easily.

These fastenings are good for cushion covers. If the fabric is delicate, plastic ones are best. However finer fabrics may be weakened with the stress of opening and closing these fastenings.

Many shops and on line outlets have press studs such as Minerva Crafts  and Amazon does sell them on a strip.

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