Purr-fection is a Cat Cushion

When thinking of a Cat Cushion do you think of cushions with cats on them or a cushion for cats.

Either way your love of cats, be it the domesticated ones or those in the wild, will be reflected in the cushion covers and can be shown off in your lounge.

On the other hand if your pet cat is short of a bed or you have a wicker basket that needs a cushion then these can be made as well.

A Cat Cushion for your room.

Cushions with a cat picture design can be made in a simple design or in a more complex way by making a quillow.

Both of these use a cushion panel as the front of the cushion.

The front picture panel can then be quilted to give an almost 3D effect. This can make parts of the picture stand out.

There are many cross stitch kits that have cat pictures on them and these can be made into cushions.

Although these could take quite a long time to make, the result is really worthwhile and you would appreciate your cushion even more.

Why not try making your own cat picture using appliqué. You will be able to make it to your own design and know that it is one of a kind. There is a cat appliqué floor cushion in the Cushion Gallery.

A Cosy Bed Cushion for Cats

Cats are one of my favourite animals and always have been, I have two cats myself ,but have had four at once,  so know they will not sleep where you would like them to but prefer to choose their own.

They will probably pick the warmest, cosiest place and that is more often than not your favourite chair. As they get older they tend to want a bit more comfort and it is good to try and provide a softer choice for them to make their own mind up.

Mine sleep in baskets in a utility room and I make cushions to fit into these for extra warmth and comfort. I usually have spare ones so that I can wash them regularly to get rid of any mites and smells.

When I wash a cat cushion, I remove as much hair as I can using a brush or put on a pair of rubber gloves then rub my hand over the cushion to pick the hair up.

I then wash these by hand as I am not keen in having a lot of cat hair in my washing machine. A washing machine could be used but would have to be rinsed out afterwards.

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