Different Types of Cushions

There are many types of cushions that vary slightly from some of the many different cushion designs.

Each type is unique, decorative and comfortable. These could have been popular back in the day when there wasn't as much choice as there is now or when lives were so flexible.

Other Design Types of Cushions 

Bordered Cushions

Like a frill, bordered cushions can make the size of a cushion seem larger than it really is.

The types for borders are either single, double or padded. They can be used along with other decoration such as piping or ribbon but are lovely enough not to need extra touches. The end result is entirely upon your taste.

Some other names for bordered cushions are Flanged and Oxford. Usually these words are used when buying pillowcases.

The simplest type extends the cushion size beyond the filling. This will have a padded area then a line of stitching with the edge of the cushion a specified distance away from this line of edging.

This simpler version is also known as the false Oxford. The  proper oxford cushion has two borders.

Boxed Edged Cushions

Boxed edge cushions are similar to a simple cushion but this design has a side edge or gusset added to it.This side edge gives the cushion more depth whether it is small or large.

These cushions are usually found on chairs and settees in the living room. This shape is also found on window seats. Having the extra piece between the front and the back of the cushion gives extra strength and is especially good if the cushion is going to need to be hard wearing.

This shape is ideal as cushions for metal, wood or plastic outside furniture, or as seats on their own to take on picnics or used on a bench at sports venues. These are very transportable and could be carried to such events to give extra comfort while sitting.

Piped Edge Cushions

Another name for a cushion with a piped edge is a corded cushion.

A basic cushion design can be changed very easily into one with this edge cushion by inserting a covered cord into the seam. 

This type of edge can give the cushion a touch of elegance and at the same time giving shape and strength to the cushion. The edge can be made from the same or contrasting material.

These edges can be seen on cushions for patio furniture, on settees and comfortable chairs.

There are variations of this design such as gathered piping and mock piping. The overall effect is a raised almost padded edge to the cushion. 

This design of cushion works really well for chair or settee backs and bases. 

Squab Cushions

Squab cushions are a thinner type of cushion use to give a softer feel to traditional chairs for the kitchen, dining room or outside.

These cushions are usually made to fit the shape of the seat and are fastened to the chair with tie fastenings or Velcro strips. 

Larger fastenings can be used such as ribbons or bows if you want an elaborate look like in wedding or party celebrations.

The chairs that the cushions are for are made from wood or plastic and these fastenings will stop the cushion from falling off.

These types of cushions are very widely available in many shops and online outlets.

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